Alexandra Marshall

The Court of Common Pleas

The Court of Common Pleas, a novel

At sixty-three, Judge Gregory Brennan is on the brink of retirement. With his youngest daughter headed for college, Gregory envisions traveling abroad, basking in a repose that his demanding career has not allowed, with his wife, Audrey, at his side. But Audrey has other ambitions.

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"Adopting Sarajevo"

A Ploughshares Solo, October 2015.

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"The Birth Control Fight is Still Being Fought"

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"Tinted Windows"

Tinted Windows

A song inspired by an unpublished novel of the same name. Vocal and piano by Faith Soloway. Lyrics by Alexandra Marshall, Dan Hunter, and Faith Soloway. Music by Dan Hunter and Faith Soloway. Musical arrangement by Faith Soloway. Produced and mixed by Tom Dube.