Alexandra Marshall


Articles, Essays & Film Criticism

Articles, essays and op-eds

"The Afterlife of a Suicide (Excerpt)"
Forthcoming in The American Scholar
Winter 2021
"The Ultimate Alchemy (Excerpt)"
Winter 20/21
"Birth control fight is still being fought"
The Boston Globe
June 6, 2012
"Phrases of Movement"
R. A. Rycraft and Leslie What, eds., Serving House Books
Winter Tales II: Women on the Art of Aging
"Alice Hoffman: A Profile"
Ploughshares, Volume 37, Number 4
Winter 2011-2012
"Sukiyaki Song"
Walter Cummins and Thomas E. Kennedy, eds., Serving House Books
The Book of Worst Meals: 25 Authors Write About Terrible Culinary Experiences
"The Democracy of Dance"
The Boston Globe
April 6, 2009
"Invisible Spring"
The Boston Globe
March 30, 2009
"Writer in Chief"
The Boston Globe
March 23, 2009
"Saving El Savador"
The Boston Globe
March 9, 2009
"Rabbit Relinquished"
The Boston Globe
March 16, 2009
"The riddle of education: Why is it the last priority?"
The Boston Globe
March 2, 2009
"Singing the same optimistic tune"
The Boston Globe
February 17, 2008
"At Mont-Saint-Michel and Chartres"
July 2006
"Shawmut Avenue"
Architecture Boston
July-August 2006
"Two steps forward"
The Boston Globe Magazine
November 26, 2000
"All the Right Moves"
The Boston Globe
November 26, 2000

Film criticism

"The Prince is Dead. Long Live the Prince."
The American Prospect
June 19, 2000
"Word of Mouth"
The American Prospect
May 8, 2000
"Inside John Malkovich"
The American Prospect
January 3, 2000
"What's Wrong With This Picture?"
The American Prospect
December 6, 1999